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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Perhaps I'm starting to go overboard in my plans for a sustainable future, but I totally want to have my own chickens for eggs.  If you know me, you know I've talked about having chickens for awhile.  Having my little house in Alaska finally gives me the chance to do it!  This would probably be a plan for next spring, but I like to do lots of research so I know what I'm doing when the time comes.   I am also loving the idea of making a little chicken coop that's a mini version of the house.  Maybe Willow will have to get a matching doghouse, too (not that she'd even go near the thing - spoiled dog).

But seriously, who wouldn't want to be able to go outside and collect eggs from your own chickens?!?!  I see it the same way I see growing lettuce -  Oops, need some lettuce on your burger?  Why don't I just go outside and pick you a leaf?  Oh, scrambled eggs for breakfast?  Absolutely - no grocery store runs here!

Hmm, guess I'll need to get started on that greenhouse, too.  Definitely need to extend growing season as long as possible.

Clearly, I should have been born in like 1920.  Or 1820.  Some time period where these sorts of things were appreciated.  Even a time when striving to be a housewife was acceptable, which isn't so much the current climate in this country.  Luckily, Karl is very supportive and is cool with the idea of at least trying to live as sustainably (and therefore cheaply) as possible, thereby reducing our financial requirements.  And anyone that has spent any time considering this lifestyle knows that it is definitely still work, just a different kind!

In house building news, I'm still trying to crunch some numbers to see what kind of up front costs we're looking at.  I'm fine with leaving a lot of interior stuff until more money is available (and hello, doesn't adding shelving between exposed studs on interior walls sound totally awesome??)  What I really need to do is nail down a plan so we can figure out lumber costs, and whether we're going with a DIY raftered roof or manufactured trusses.  Karl's job will be to call Spenard Builder's Supply and get a quote on trusses so we can price that.  The other major expense will be a cistern and septic tank, so quotes will be needed on that, too.

Only ten weeks away - EEK!!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you need to talk to Uncle John--he's always had chickens and could probably give you some insight!


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