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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ruffled Camera Strap

Here's a project for you, Laura, with your new sewing machine!

I was in serious crafting mode this past weekend, and one of my projects was to beautify my camera strap.  After a trip to Joann's (oh fabric, how I love thee), I came home with these colors:

It was a pretty straightforward sewing project.  I made a tube out of my pink polka dot fabric, turned it right side out, and hand basted it to create my ruffles.  I usually machine stitch when I ruffle, but apparently my $1 thread was too pathetic for that, so hand stitching it was.

I sewed the ruffle to the black fabric, and then made another tube.  This makes my strap cover completely removable, so I can easily change it out as I find a new fabric to love.

I also added a little pocket to hold my lens cap, which will likely be of huge importance.  I've only lost it/dropped it/left it in my pocket a few dozen times...

The best part of this project:  It cost less than $5, which is my kinda price!

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