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Friday, September 30, 2011

A peek at our new home

Here it is, our first place to call our own in Alaska!  I've learned that Alaska appears to be the land of duplexes, so I'm very excited that we were able to get a house all our own.  Yes, that is a terrible towel in the front window!  We have a driveway too, and I think we'd probably be able to fit three cars in it.  Hopefully Karl will be able to bring his Mustang over so he can drive it next summer!  The two windows that you see on the left are in the living room, and the one on the right is in our bedroom.

 Here's our cute little fenced in backyard.  We need to do something about the fence to block Willow's view of the 37 dogs that appear to live in the neighboring yards, but she's already happy to have her own little patch of land!  The window on the far left is is in the guest bedroom, the one in the middle is in the bathroom (actually in the shower - weird, right?) and the one on the right is in the kitchen.  The door on the far right is actually just a tiny storage area, which will be great for shovels, camping supplies, and other stuff that doesn't need to take up space inside.

And here's our bedroom!  This is the only room that is even close to finished, so it's the only one you get to see for now.  You may wonder why we decided to live on the edge and get a white comforter with a stinky black doggie - I had actually fallen in love with this comforter a few weeks ago, but it was far too expensive considering we usually have to buy a new one each year due to excessive slobber and dirty feet (and that's just Karl - ha!)  In any case, when we were buying some bathroom linens Karl came across the comforter in the clearance section and it was only $40!  Works for me!

We finally brought the last of our stuff in from Wasilla on Wednesday night, so now we just have to put everything away... We're getting there though, and it's definitely starting to feel like a home.  We seem to be having some considerable trouble in getting anyone to provide us with television service, so we've been watching every single episode of Family Guy on DVD!

Check back next week for some more photos!  I'm hoping to hit Joann's this weekend and get a shower curtain made and finally have the bathroom 100% finished.  Once the rest of the house is done, we'll get started on the guest room - then I'll be taking reservations for all of my lovely family and friends to come visit!!


  1. looks absolutely adorable! Almost seems like it was customed ordered to your specifications.
    With your imagination, creativity and talent I'm sure you're going have it perfect in no time. Aunt C.

  2. It is too cute! Glad you have a place of your own...welcome home :)

  3. It looks like the perfect place for you! Can't wait to see what else you have in store in terms of decorating and getting set up!


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