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Thursday, October 13, 2011

And finally... The Kitchen!

This isn't the greatest picture in the world - the afternoon sun shines right in the kitchen window!

Our kitchen is pretty tiny, which has presented it's own challenges.  I'm glad we were able to fit our dining room table in, even though we had to take the leaf out.  You can't really access the chairs near the walls either, unless you pulled the table out.  Oh well, I don't know anyone to invite over for dinner anyhow!  The back door was a disaster when we moved in - half of the paint was missing, leaving the brown door underneath exposed.  The whole kitchen looked bright once it had some fresh white paint!

I was so excited to put my place mats and dish towel out - thanks, Terese!  They made my kitchen feel homey right away!

The kitchen has a tiny alcove with some shelving, so I was able to store most of my larger kitchen supplies there.  I also got a great deal on this kitchen cart, which stores all of my serving and baking utensils, as well as spices and other random things.  My mixer sits so nicely on top!  It's on wheels, so I can drag it over to the counter whenever I'm doing some baking and my two feet of counter space aren't going to cut it...

Speaking of counter space - booo!!  It's nice to have a big sink, but I'd rather have another foot of workspace!  Oh well, the benefit of having such a small counter is that the dishes are basically always washed and put away.  There just isn't the room to leave them sitting out for even a short time.

We installed this shelf above the stove to hold the microwave - obviously, there was nowhere else to put it!  My cookbooks fit perfectly on the end, along with my recipe box.  The shelf is a big higher than I would have liked, but I wanted plenty of space above the stove for working.  It's only a problem when  whatever is in the microwave ends up in the back because the turntable was spinning - I have to keep turning it until it comes back to the front!

Well that's the end of our house tour!  I still have the guest bedroom, but there's no furniture in it!  I decided that I will not be purchasing a bed until my first lucky guest has booked their plane ticket!

1 comment:

  1. It looks great--and I love seeing the old crayola sippy cups out on display! So many great summer memories right there!


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