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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our wind tunnel (aka the front door)

Karl and I somehow manage to always end up living in old houses.  Even moving to Alaska, we ended up in a house built in 1954 (which is pretty old for up here).  Old houses have their fair share of drafts, and a less than perfectly maintained rental house has a few more.  I really have no idea what to expect for heating bills this winter, so I wanted to get ahead of the game as much as possible.  Our front and back doors had considerable gaps below the door, and you could feel the cold air blowing in even just standing nearby.  I decided to make some draft guards to stop as much of the wintry winds as possible.

Even better, I was able to use things I already had on hand!  I had some leftover canvas from my homemade shopping bag project (or rejected project - so no worth it when you end up getting them free half the time) that was just perfect.

I ended up with two pieces of fabric that were just the width of the door, and about two feet long.  Probably more fabric than I needed, but I just split what I had sitting in my box.  I folded each piece in half and stitched up one of the long sides and one of the short sides.  

Then I turned it inside out, and sewed two rows of stitching down the middle (this is the part that goes underneath the door).  For the draft guard for the front door, I stuffed both sides with some leftover stuffing. 

For the back door, I used stuffing for the part on the inside of the house, and crushed packing peanuts for the outside.  I used the packing peanuts for two reasons: 1. I didn't have enough stuffing to do both sides, and 2. there's very little overhang over the backdoor, and I figured stuffing would end up a soggy, disgusting mess when it rained.

Super easy project, and will hopefully save us a few bucks on heating this winter!


  1. That turned out awesomely! (Yet another reason why I need a sewing machine, STAT. We need draft dodgers to keep all of the sand and grit from blowing under the doors all of the time. Can you tell that I'm getting sick of sweeping it up every. single. day?)

  2. That's a really great idea! I might need to make me some of those. We lose so much heat from the cracks all around our doors and windows.

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