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Monday, October 17, 2011

At least it's not snow...?

Actually, I'm really excited for the first snow.  It would be perfect if we got a nice, fluffy snowfall, and then sunny weather for another month and a half until winter really came.  Probably not likely to happen, however.

This weekend was full of rain, rain, and more rain.  Pure luck that it wasn't snow - the temperature never quite hit freezing.

When I woke up yesterday morning, the raindrops were clinging to the branches and the few remaining leaves on our tree in the front yard.  They looked little tiny balls of ice and I thought they were just beautiful!

FYI, I'm experimenting with using bigger pictures in my posts - if you are one of my three (haha) loyal readers and your internet connection makes that a problem for you, let me know.  Otherwise, I'll probably stick with it.


  1. Loving the larger photos! Keep it up! (That is some seriously awesome bokeh you managed to capture!)

  2. like the large pictures and your use of depth of field! go new camera!


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