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Friday, October 7, 2011

Creating a new routine is tough!

I feel somewhat guilty in my rather sporadic posting lately - I blame it on the massive changes in the last couple of weeks that wreak havoc on my usual orderly schedule.  Karl and I have both started working again, which is doing wonders for both of our mental states.  I love being able to interact with my coworkers each day and I'm so grateful that they welcomed me into their group so easily.  I haven't really met anyone else in Alaska yet (it seems like 99% of all advertised get-togethers and clubs are focused on people with kids), so I'm enjoying feeling a bit more welcomed into the state.  Karl appears to be having a similar experience at his new job, so we're both in pretty good spirits.

Adjusting to us both having regular workday schedules is quite the feat.  In addition to figuring out Karl's video game time, there are so many other things I didn't realize that we would need to adjust.  Firstly, I would usually go to bed hours before Karl because he didn't usually have to be up early for work.  This allowed me to sprawl out all over the bed to fall asleep, a habit I've basically had my entire life.  Now I am resigned to my little half, which is made even smaller because Willow usually sleeps on my side.

We also have to get used to eating dinner every night.  I embarrassed to admit how many nights I ate cereal for dinner, because I just didn't have the motivation to make anything else if Karl was working that evening.  I can barely figure out how to grocery shop for more than one dinner a week!  Good thing we both like mac 'n cheese and ramen...

On top of all of this, we're also trying to get the last of our things unpacked, purchase a few more items we're in desperate need of, and finish sewing curtains.  So, my blogging has been a big lacking...  I can partially say it's because I'm spending less time sitting around feeling sorry for myself, but the real culprit is that I still don't really feel settled enough to spend much time on my computer.  I set a goal to finish every last bit of the house this weekend so we can start next week fresh.  I hope to have pictures ready of the living room and kitchen - there's only a few finishing touches left in each room.

On a side note, can someone please come visit me?  I promise I'll take good care of you!


  1. as soon as I get my back surgery out of the way, Uncle L and I are planning on doing some traveling---a stop in Alaska is on the list!

  2. i am planning on winning the lottery really soon (well as soon as i start playing) and with my 3rd week of vacation finally happening this year, i'm hoping alaska trip is in the near future!!


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