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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My favorite room in the house!

The living room!  I adore how the light shines through my curtains and gives the whole room such a sunny feeling!  Amazingly, I had 3 matching curtain rods that I had brought with me so I didn't even have to shell out any extra money.  My awesome dad sent me Joann's gift cards for my birthday, so theoretically, my window treatments were free!

The living room is my favorite place to be so I like to keep all of my important things there.  I think this is why small house living suits me so well.  I could surely set up the guest room as a craft room of sorts, but I wouldn't use it.  I'd just end up dragging everything into the living room as I used it, so it might as well be there to begin with.

My table is a perfect size to hold my sewing machine, but still large enough to use for other projects without having to take everything off.  There's my lovely photo boxes with my craft supplies so neatly organized! (Except for everything crammed in the closet...)  The large sewing chest on the floor was my Grandma's and came all the way with me from Pittsburgh!  It holds all of my sewing patterns, scissors, rotary cutter, buttons, pins and needles, and other odds and ends.  Imagine my excitement when I found its baby sister on Craigslist!  The little one has been designated as the storage for pens and pencils, office supplies, stationary, and other necessities.  I still need a chair for the table - I've been dragging the toy box over which is not particularly back-friendly.

Here's Willow enjoying a bone on her new bed in her new house.  I decided to use my old pop bottle crates as storage as well as decoration - they're actually full of Karl's video game accessories!

Here's the other side - The cabinet against the wall is another Craigslist find.  It holds 200 of Karl's video games, and I don't even have to look at them!  I still have some photos to hang on the wall, but that is my least favorite chore ever.  No matter how many times I check it with my level, they still hang completely crooked...

Here are two of my favorite things in the living room:

You said it, moosie!
Both were awesome finds at the Alaska State Fair!  I'd been eyeing up the chainsaw carved animals since my very first visit to Alaska.  Unfortunately, they were usually well over $200.  This cutie only cost me $75 and I love it!

Sitting in my own living room makes me so happy, especially after all we've been through these last few months.  What a wonderful feeling, sitting here on my big, comfy couch, snuggled under a blanket and next to Willow, and typing up my blog to share with all of my friends and family!

The kitchen is our last room in the tour - check it out tomorrow!


  1. It looks so cozy and put-together! And in such a short amount of time, too--awesome job!

  2. i'm just now catching this as a new post... oops! i wish i had just a fraction of your homemaking have really turned that little place into something warm to come home to; it looks great!


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