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Monday, June 6, 2011

I love me some moosies

My good friend, Terese, gave me the greatest going away present.  She guaranteed I would squeal when I unwrapped it, and she was right!
These placements and kitchen towels will look absolutely perfect my Alaskan cabin!  I would love to put them out now, but I think packing them up and using them for the first time in AK will be such a wonderful reminder of Terese.

My dear friend, Erin, also got me (Willow) a collapsible doggie water bowl for our trip.  The bowl has a carabiner attached, and my first thought was "Hey, I'll attach it to my belt loop!"  Erin pointed out that it was actually there to hook to the pup's leash.  At least I felt a little better when I showed it to Karl and he said "Hey, there's a carabiner on it - I'll attach it to my belt!"  At least we're both goofballs...

This was such a great gift idea, and something I somehow hadn't even considered.  We were just planning on using old Cool Whip containers, which isn't much of a space saver.  This bowl will be perfect for our traveling bag.  Willow gave it a lick too and seemed to like it!

Getting such thoughtful gifts really remind you what wonderful friends you have!

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