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Monday, June 6, 2011

One month to go!

We leave for Alaska one month from today!  I'm really starting to feel like it's crunch time - there's still so much to do.  We have way more furniture left than I would like, and four little weeks isn't a lot when half the people on Craigslist are just screwing with you.

The pile of boxes in the corner of the dining room seems impossibly large, but it started looking a little less unrealistic once I taped out the size of the trailer.  (Am I weird for doing that?  Cause it seems totally reasonable to me...)  Too bad we still need to fit the dining room table and bed into that little square!  I also packed up most of my knick knacks, so the house is starting to look a little sad.

Twenty days of work left!  I think I might put in my notice tomorrow...

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