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Monday, June 13, 2011

Our goodbye party

Karl and I threw a party last week so we could gather all of our friends together one last time.  It was such an emotional night, but I managed to hold it together until everyone had gone home.  It's hard when I realize that not all of my friendships will survive my move.  Some will, and it will make those friendships even stronger.  I think I will be surprised at who decides to keep in touch and who doesn't.  I have extended an open invitation to every single friend to come visit me, and I hope that at least half of the people that say they will come actually do.

Here's some photos of the evening: (thanks Erin!)
Charlene (my internship buddy)
Terese and Maria - my OCYF buddies
Barb and Randy - Karl's work buddies
What is up with Willow's face???
Jaycen and Jen - Our favorite duo and Willow's second parents
Katie - my Michaels' buddy
Did you notice that Willow was playing a very obvious game of Where's Willow?  I had no idea she was such a camera hog.  Seriously, we weren't trying to get her in these pictures.  She just couldn't control herself...

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