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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final FINAL floor plan

Revision #927834 has finally been Dad-approved!  For your viewing pleasure:
I've kept the basic elements from the last plan, but the new arrangement has actually given me more usable space.  The 6" lost from an interior wall makes a huge difference when you are designing such a small space!  I've been able to add a small hall closet for coats and such, as well as a pantry closet next to the laundry area.  The addition of a pantry means I can get away with less cabinets (thus less $$$).  I decided to go with a rolling island behind the couch, which will have enough space to hold all of my pots and pans, and will give me an extra work space.  I also envision being able to roll it out of the way (like in front of the laundry) if I need a bit of extra floor space for entertaining or a big project.  See that room in the bottom right?  That's the guest room for everyone that comes to visit!

Now I'm sure some small changes are still possible, but I was really determined to finalize a floor plan so I can start working on electrical and plumbing plans.
The Complete Guide to Wiring

Karl and I just ordered this book after we perused it at Barnes & Noble.  Looked like a really good manual for someone that has no concept of what they're doing!  Lots of full color photos explaining exactly what to do.  I'm anxious for it to come in the mail so I can go over it with my dad, and maybe feel a bit more confident in doing this ourselves!  I'm hoping Karl will take the lead on most of the electrical stuff, as he's already knowledgeable about car wiring.  I, on the other hand, can barely hook up a TV anymore.  In my defense, I have never had to touch a single plug for anything in the 3.5 years Karl and I have lived together. 

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day - better remind Karl to call his mom tonight!


  1. The house plan is looking great! (And if you ever have any questions about screwing or stripping, you know you can always ask Aunt Carolyn! :D)

  2. I was thinking more along the lines of promising an awesome Alaskan vacation, then telling her she has to work for it when she gets there!


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