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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well, I kind of made a rather large boo-boo.  I was planning on transferring to the Michaels in Wasilla when we moved, so I'd have some guaranteed income right off the bat.  Great idea, Sarah - too bad the Michaels you're thinking of is in ANCHORAGE.  That threw me for a major loop today.  I'm sure I'll be able to find something relatively easily, but I was so hopeful that something would be go smoothly!

In other news, I made a special batch of soap for my Dad tonight.  I had taken my entire collection of fragrances over to my Dad and let him pick which one he would like me to make.  He actually made my brother smell them all and narrow it down to a select few to choose from.  I figured they would pick the cotton fragrance, maybe baby powder, or perhaps peppermint.  Nope, they went for hibiscus passion.  Seriously, probably the strongest floral I have.  Go figure... I'll probably snag a few from his batch and put them up on Etsy for everyone else.  I've been doing some serious listing the last couple days and I've added probably 16 items.  I still have a bunch more to go before I'll have my entire line available for online purchase!

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