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Monday, May 16, 2011

Nothing's ever easy...

I've been in a bit of a funk the last week because my oh so careful planning is now rather messed up.  As you know, we were planning to leave for Alaska on June 26th, with my last day of work being June 24th.  I had scheduled vacation time for the following week, because I am committed to my job through July 3rd.

Then I was told that you have to physically be in the office on your last day of work.

Well that wouldn't work - we'd be in Canada on July 1st!  That was pretty stressful, especially after remembering that Karl's dad was already coming in on June 25th.

Then I was told that I was incorrect in assuming that my last day would be Friday, July 1st, when my commitment ends Sunday the 3rd.  Nope - I have to work thru the holiday until July 5th!  That pushed our date back until July 6.  A full ten days later.

Karl hasn't been able to get ahold of his dad yet to break the news.  We will probably end up having to pay to change his plane ticket because it is doubtful he will want to hang out with us here for a week and a half, then drive 8 days to Alaska with us, then have us both living with him for the foreseeable future.

Oh yeah, the landlord better be okay with us not vacating the house by the end of June, too.  Sigh...


  1. It may not be easy right now, but the payoff is going to be truly amazing. And if things went smoothly all the time, how would we appreciate the idiosyncratic moments that make the stories you'll always tell?

  2. Oh man, that stinks. I hope you can get everything worked out!

  3. Well Karl was finally able to talk to his dad today, and he didn't seem to mind hanging out in Pittsburgh for awhile. One less thing to worry about!


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