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Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Products!

I've made the decision to focus my soaping efforts strictly on bar soap, liquid soap, felted soaps, body butters, and lip balms.  These have become my best sellers, and are my favorite things to make.  So much of starting a business is trying out what things work and what things don't.  It's been such a lesson in patience and stress management to learn to brush off the things that aren't as successful as I had hoped.  Deciding to make only these items felt like such a relief - I am one step closer to being fully established, and I'll be able to have huge fragrance variety within those product lines!

So, in honor of my new focus, I've ordered a bunch of fun new stuff!

New lip balm flavors:
Chocolate Cream
Root Beer

I think I'm going to try combining root beer with vanilla and go for a Root Beer Float kinda feel.  Do I see a Cinnamint on the horizon?  Just like baking, minus the calories!

New soap fragrances:
Jasmine (just for you Charlene!)
Cherry Blossom
Hibiscus Passion (okay those two aren't new, but were huge sellers!  Expect more Cherry Blossom bar soap, and Hibiscus Passion in everything!)

Don't ask me about my logic in ordering all of this stuff when I'm desperately trying to pack things up!  My wonderful friend Linda will be handling the East Coast distribution of Sarah's Soak Shoppe and will need me to have things ready for her.  (Don't you just love how you can come up with a title and all of a sudden it sounds important?)  In any case, let me know what you think of those new lip balm flavors.  I'm pretty excited myself!


  1. Yay!!! I feel so loved, jasmine just for me! Now let's talk about gardenia.....:) I fully support streamlining and pruning and you establishing yourself, but.....i have to say....what about the coffee scrub? I ADORE your coffee scrub!

  2. Well...
    #1 I already have a Gardenia Bar Soap - just made it a couple of weeks ago!
    #2 I will consider fulfilling special requests for good friends!


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