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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final floor plan (maybe?)

This is the plan for my one floor, 768 square foot cabin.  My current cost estimates are around $30,000 to build and completely finish.  I hope to be able to stick to that budget by finding some things below the estimated cost to balance out the things that end up being over.  Things always end up being more expensive than you think, but I am still so excited!  

Quitting my job is the other huge reason that I am excited to move.  Sometimes it seems like each day at work drains the spirit out of my soul a little bit more.  Maybe I'm being idealistic in thinking that leaving my job will improve my life so much, but I guess I will just have to see.

Today is May 1st, so that means I'm leaving next month!


  1. what is life without idealism? leaving this job is a lot different than leaving 'just any' job. i think this will be an amazing step forward for you!

  2. I hope so! I'm definitely excited to have a life without casework, at least for awhile!

  3. I'm really so excited for you (and Karl, too, I guess, ha); I hope you don't mind me living vicariously through your adventures. :D

  4. You have your own adventure coming up too, even though it doesn't seem so exciting now - just figure out all the good things and rememeber those when it sucks. That's what I try to do when I have my emotional breakdowns when I think about leaving! And remember, I REALLY need visitors, or I may just crawl under a rock and die!!


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