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Monday, March 28, 2011

The best thing about it being freezing cold in an Alaskan winter...

Is that it will only take like five minutes for my lye to cool when I'm making soap!!  I just realized this as I when soaping tonight, and waiting and waiting and waiting for my lye to cool to a reasonable temperature, even thought it's only 30 degrees out.

Here's the fruit of my labor:

The left is Earth (smells like fresh dirt, with a touch of mint perhaps?), which I colored with cocoa powder.  I also added black sesame seeds to make it look a bit more dirt-like and give it some exfoliating power.  The one on the right is coconut, which I left uncolored because coconut doesn't really have a color (although I really wanted to make it green for some reason...)

And here they are all snuggled up under a blankie to stay toasty roasty overnight.  I think the old school afghan is very appropriate for soaping, don't you?

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