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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am stressed out! 

I admit, I am typically pretty stressed out on any given day.  I have managed to adapt to my natural state of being very high strung, which is why I typically have 32 projects going on and I have been go to bed way too late.  However, planning this move has dumped WAY more anxiety causing problems on me than I had anticipated.  We just found out that I may not be able to have a hitch installed on my car (because Ford wants to punish me for not getting the towing package for $2378523 when I purchased it).  No hitch = no trailer = not taking the vast majority of our stuff.

Now I don't have some serious emotional connection to most of my furniture or anything like that.  In fact, most of it is junk anyhow.  And I realize that we can ship almost any of our personal belongings beyond what we can fit in our vehicles.  But, the minimal amount of money we'd get for selling this stuff won't come anywhere near the cost of replacing it.

Karl's answer is to just sell everything and buy new things as we can afford it.  This seriously freaks me out, because moving will be hard enough without feeling like I'm a 19 year old kid with a sleeping bag in a frat house. 

We also don't know if his Dad will be around this summer, as he's thinking of going gold mining.  We can make it work either way, I just feel like I need to know so I can plan accordingly.

Basically, it just seems like there's a million questions that I don't have answers to, and I can't make any decisions until I get get this information. 

So, to make myself feel better (and to own even more stuff), I had to purchase some new fragrance oils.  The coconut fragrance oil that I got last week went kinda of funky - the lid had cracked and I think the exposure to air made it turn.  In addition to more coconut, I got Cedarwood Virginia, Autumn Afternoon, Dreamsicle, Earth (which is supposed to smell like dirt - what fun!), Gardenia, Honey Harvest, Mango Sorbet, Plumeria, and Snow Drops.  I think this will take me to over 50 fragrances!  I am probably lucky that I don't have a place nearby where I could go sniff all of their fragrances and essential oils.  I would probably leave with $500 worth of stuff and STILL want more!


  1. What? That's stinky of Ford. Would it void the warranty (or whatever it is in car speak) to get a hitch installed somewhere else?

    Also, gardenia...mmmm..

  2. WOW what a great journey you and Karl have ahead of you I am looking forward to reading all about your adventures! I LOVE what you are doing with your product line and can't wait to see what the future holds for you......

  3. I can have the hitch installed elsewhere (we're checking a place out Saturday) but they may not be able to run the wires because Ford has to install them in a bizarro way so you are forced to deal with them directly.


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