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Thursday, March 17, 2011


It's been quite the adventure telling my family and friends that Karl and I are planning to move to Alaska this summer.  Some people have been very supportive and excited for me, while others have been downright discouraging.  What is it about this move that terrifies people so?  Is it leaving my life in Pittsburgh?  Is it starting this new life 4000 miles away?  Or is it choosing a place that people see as a frozen wasteland with nothing to offer?  My guess is it's a combination of all three.

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos of and places in Alaska, which serve to remind me of all the reasons why this move is so phenomenally exciting:

These two photos were taken in Hatcher Pass.  We will probably try to find a house in this area because:
1. It's absolutely gorgeous
2. It's very close to Wasilla (aka Karl's family)
3. It's the prettiest place I saw in Alaska that wasn't a native village (check out Ninilchik and Chickaloon)

This is the view of Mount Augustine from Kachemak Bay near Homer.  Even though it was summer, the water looked just like glass and all of the mountains in the distance were white with snow.  Kind of felt like I could just look out over the water for hours (that is, until I got seasick).  

The idea of hopping in the car (or on a snowmachine) and seeing any one of a hundred awesome sights within 20 minutes sounds just like heaven.  Mother Nature did such an amazing job designing Alaska - I think I could go a long time before the beauty of the mountains, lakes, and wildlife became mundane.


  1. Sammy and I can come visit, right?

  2. Totally!!! I am planning on a steady stream of visitors for the next two years. Yeah, airfare kind of stinks (don't come in July or August), but free lodging and food makes up for it, right?

  3. ABSOLUTELY! Especially if you're cooking! ! ! !



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