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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Very Good Day

Today was a productive and successful day!

After Karl talked to the guy at Advance Auto Parts (in a language I don't understand), we (Karl) figured out how to hook up the wires for a trailer on my car.  We (Karl) was able to find all the parts on Amazon, for only $192, and since he has like a bajillion dollars in Amazon credit, it was a net cost of zero for us.  Score!

Then I went through all of my craft stuff and my house and my dad's and pulled out what I want to list on Craigslist.  The vast majority of it isn't coming with me because it is just easier and more cost efficient to purchase new fabric/yarn/embroidery floss as I need it.  I'm selling each type of craft supply as one bulk item, so hopefully I'll get a few bucks out of it.  Karl's listed his paintball stuff already, and he got one offer of $25 for a gun.  Better than a kick in the teeth, and hopefully we'll be able to sell almost all of this stuff off before we go.  We have about 47 things we want to list tonight, which will not be fun, but needs to happen nonetheless.

Karl picked up a new battery for his Mustang, so now it runs without needing jumped!  Aside from one dead headlight, it's in good shape.  While he was working on that, I managed to pack two more huge boxes in the trunk.  In the tiny trunk of of a '64 1/2 Mustang, I have managed to cram two extra sets of hubcaps, an extra steering wheel, a cd changer and all the wiring, a set of socket wrenches, Karl's poker chip set, his tackle box, and ALL of our Christmas decorations, in addition to the spare tire that already takes up the majority of the trunk.  And Karl's dad thinks a city girl can't pack...

And last but not least, Karl spoke to the landlord who was thankfully cool with us breaking our lease a few months early.  The plan now is to hit the road on June 25th.  Of course that's flexible, but at least it's something to plan for now.

Hope everyone else had a productive Saturday, too!


  1. You have a date! That must be setting you at ease just a little?

  2. Absolutely! Or scares the crap out of me. Definitely one of those two.


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