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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

So I’ve apparently been pretty quiet the last few days.  Getting stuff sorted and packed up to sell on Craigslist takes a lot of time!  Luckily, we’ve already sold a few things so we’re well on my way to my goal of getting our gas money.  I’ve been pretty open to selling almost everything, figuring we’ll just take whatever stuff is left at the end.  Unfortunately, we can’t go with a smaller trailer even if we have less stuff because the 5’ x 8’ is the smallest that will hold our mattress and box spring.  It would be really nice though to have less stuff in the car and more in the trailer, because we (and Willow!) would have more space to move around and easier access to our travel supplies.
Our move date is probably going to be moved back a day or two, because Karl’s dad will be at a family reunion on June 25th in Seattle.  He’ll fly over to Pittsburgh afterward, then we’ll hit the road!
Sometimes I feel like I’m planning too early, and other times I feel like there will never be enough time.  I sure hope that all of this work Karl and I are putting in now will result in less work later.  I really want to be able to have our cross country drive be a huge adventure with as little stress as possible.
In other news, my first craft show is just 2 weeks away!  It always seemed so far away and now I don’t feel prepared at all – the moving plans may have to be put on hold for a bit while I crank out some product.
In other other news, I had my very first sale on Etsy to someone I don’t know!  How exciting!  I also better get some more stuff listed…  Hopefully, since I’m writing this blog up while I’m in a terribly boring training at work, I will be able to list things when I get home tonight. 
Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for sales! Also yay for all the prep work you're doing now. Speaking as someone who procrastinated packing until literally the day before my lease was up, I think you will be very grateful come June. It also sounds like fantastic spring cleaning. You're clearing the slate and making room for the good things to come.


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