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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank Goodness for Karl!

I've spent most of the weekend reading blogs by other people that have made the giant leap in moving to Alaska.  Interestingly, if you google "moving to alaska blog" you'll notice that an unusually high proportion are people from PA.  Wonder why that is?

In any case, it makes me SO glad to know that Karl isn't in the dark about things like I am, and that his family will be able to help out considerably.  Of course, sometimes I wish that Karl was in the same boat I am.  However, I try to remind myself that he WAS in the same boat - just six years ago.

Good things about Karl having roots in Alaska:
1. Guaranteed housing with his dad as soon as we hit Wasilla
2. On a similar note, a guaranteed address to use until we have our own
3. Always having someone to ask "is this a bad part of town?" and "how far is it to Anchorage?" and "what towns should I be looking at?"
4.  Having someone to give me 100% truthful advice about whether I need 4 wheel drive and/or studded tires.
5. Also having someone be completely honest about the weather.
6. Knowing that we will immediately have friends and family so we won't ever be hopelessly lonely.
7. Being able to ask Karl what stores are in Alaska and whether I'll be able to buy certain things.

I'm sure there's a million others, but these are the things that constantly pop into my head when I read about other people struggling with these problems.  Makes moving a bit less scary!  Also remembering how incredibly happy Karl is when he's back with family and in Alaska.  It's a side of Karl that I never see in Pittsburgh, which is a bit sad, but makes the move all the more exciting!

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