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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Journey to Alaska - Day Four

Sorry, no video again tonight! We're staying in a very ''quaint'' motel tonight in Great Falls, Montana so internet access! We are heading for the Canadian border first thing tomorrow morning, so we will see what cell phone coverage is like. We will hopefully hit Alaska in four days (Wednesday). If you don't hear too much from me in the next couple days, don't fret! Lots of videos and photos are sure to come as soon as I am able. Wish us luck on a easy border crossing an a safe journey through the mountains of Canada!


  1. Hi Sarah!!!! This is a great way to keep in touch! The pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your journey!!! THe office is not the same without you! Stay safe, Joanne

  2. I'm glad you mentioned not to fret if we didn't hear from you because I was starting to! I look forward to seeing more pics and hearing about the final days of your journey to Alaska...and then the real fun begins! ! ! !

  3. Sarah! Love the pics, i enjoy your commentary!... it's so "sarah" if that makes sense. miss you already! glad to hear about all your adventures. :)


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