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Monday, July 4, 2011

Last minute details

I cannot believe we are leaving in less than 48 hours!!!

Thank goodness we were able to pick our trailer up today because it turned into a major disaster. The first Uhaul place we went tried to give us a trailer with the wheels almost falling off. Definitely wouldn't make it to Alaska. They sent us to another location that had an almost brand new trailer, but the lights wouldn't work so we weren't allowed to leave with it. We had to come back home so Karl could mess around with it. Turns out water or something got into the box with the wiring so he ended up cutting the box out and smushing the wires together somehow. Of course, it didn't go quite so smoothly - I spent most of this time crying about how I was going to have to have a bonfire of all of my belongings. Karl did a totally awesome job though and packed so much stuff into the trailer I'm actually going to get to take a few things I didn't think I had room for.

Pictures to come tomorrow hopefully - Karl's dad has basically commandeered my computer so I have had to do all my internetting on my phone!

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