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Monday, July 18, 2011

Youtube = FAIL

I have been trying so hard to get my last videos up for you guys, but Youtube is driving me absolutely insane!  It's taking 8-9 hours to get a video uploaded, then they're failing at 98%.  Any thoughts?  I really want to share them but I'm considering giving up...

In any case, we've been in Alaska since Thursday night and we're staying at Karl's dad's house.  I'm telling you, it doesn't take long to get tired of living in someone else's house once you're an adult.  Once we get our own place, whenever that may be, it just might be better than Christmas morning!  We're looking around at some houses for rent and hoping that we can find one that may be inexpensive enough that we won't both have to be working just to move in.  I'm grateful that we're able to stay here as long as needed so we can see what's out there work-wise.

We haven't even been here a week, so it's hard to say how well I'm adjusting.  I've had my moments (like finding out that Karl's ex girlfriend is apparently living with his best friend so she'll be around ALL. THE. TIME) when I've wanted to run back to Pittsburgh, but I'm generally still excited to be here and explore the state.  If Karl and his dad ever come back from whatever errand they've run, we're going down to the Kasilof River to go dipnetting for salmon.  I'm super excited, although I realize that my wardrobe is not particularly suited to fishing in cold weather.  Looks like a trip to a REI or Sportman's Warehouse might move to the top of the priority list!

I also promise that I'll have some photos of Wasilla up here soon, but it has been completely rainy and cloudy since we got here, so you can barely even see the mountains!  Cross your fingers that the sun will come back out soon!

1 comment:

  1. I have been waiting for a post! sounds like you are adjusting as well as can be expected! it's a huge move and a huge deal. and i know you will make the best of whatever or WHOEVER is thrown at you.... i miss you and i can't wait to come visit. how is your phone working up there? what is the time difference? when i sent you a text the other day, wasn't sure if you got it. usually it gives a check mark, but i guess you are so far out of your zone that its bound to be a little screwy. did you ever get your facebook page up and running? i have yet to "friend" you, haha. well, i admit that i am rarely on there either. so we will email and keep in touch always.... :) i'm thinking about you and praying that everything goes smoothly and you'll find all the happiness in the world! if you are bored you can always email me here at worka or on my hotmail account and i promise i'll get back to you asap! oh, i think that facebook has an instant message option? love the pics by the way!


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