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Friday, July 22, 2011

Journey to Alaska - Day Seven

Giving up on videos for the time being... The internet at Karl's dad's reminds me of 1997 dial up...

Day Seven marked our journey from Smithers, BC to Mile Marker 638 in the Yukon on the Alaska Highway.  There is no town there, just the Rancheria Lodge.  It looked a bit shady from the road, but it was our last campground for many miles and we were exhausted.  Turned out to be one of the best campgrounds ever!  They had free hot showers, and our campsite was right next to the river.  The restaurant at the lodge served up delicious eggs and bacon for breakfast, and were actually reasonably priced for being in the middle of nowhere.

We drove the entire Cassiar Highway (450 miles) today and while it had some serious gravel stretches, the scenery was awesome!  I saw TEN black bears, including a momma bear and her babies!  They were all on the side of the road as we were traveling, so we were definitely safe.  I also saw a little fox that ran out in front of our car several times.  Willow went absolutely berserk over the fox - I guess because it looks like a little dog.

Here's the video and a few photos!

Moricetown, BC

Karl and Sarah


The pup

Awesome gravel on the Cassiar - this went on for MILES

We passed a HUGE area that had been burned by a forest fire the previous summer.  It burned for several weeks and covered almost 50,000 acres.  It seemed like we were driving through this forver... So sad.

A fox!  Sorry it's blurry!
Black bears!

Karl and Willow at our awesome campsite.

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