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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Journey to Alaska - Day One (Video!)

Karl, Willow, and I are sitting here in a Super 8 in Illinois which amazingly has free internet access, so I am able to update you all on our progress (and with a video nonetheless)!

We covered 475 miles today, even though we got a late start around 1pm.  We are definitely on track to hit Alaska by next Wednesday.  Stopping at gas stations has been pretty depressing - my car with the trailer is only getting around 17 mpg.  My calculations suggest it will cost over $1000 just to get my car to Alaska!  Luckily, Karl's car is super efficient and is hovering right around 37 mpg.  Hopefully the two will balance each other out!

Check back tomorrow for another video - so long as I have internet access they'll be coming daily!


  1. I enjoyed the video and I have been checking your blog daily to get updates....keep them coming! ! ! ! I hope your travels continue to go smoothly and I look forward to seeing some of this great land of ours through your eyes!

  2. Karl's commentary almost made me spit out my water--"Oh, look--you're missing something! Wait, no, it's just more flat." I hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly and I'll be looking forward to more updates! :D


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