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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fresh Picked Veggies from the Farm

Since I'm not able to have my own garden this year (appropriate though, considering I don't have a home), Karl and I decided to visit a local pick your own farm.  Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm is located in close by Palmer, and has a huge variety of delicious veggies to pick.  Their prices are great too because you're doing half the work!  Palmer is known for it's great gardening, which is partially due to the long summer days in Alaska.  Palmer also has some great soil and is less rocky than a lot of other places nearby.

Palmer is such a beautiful area because it is so close to the mountains.  I would definitely consider living here, except there's two problems:  One, it is ridiculously windy all year round.  Two, I haven't found any places for rent or sale.  Actually, I guess that's kind of the bigger problem...

We got this whole load, including lettuce, spinach, radishes, potatoes, rhubarb, and cauliflower for just $15!  I know it looks like a lot of rhubarb, but I have plans for it - check back tomorrow!

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