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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has been RAINY in Alaska!  And of course, the rain is bringing in cool weather, so I know Pittsburgh is jealous of me!  It's only supposed to hit a high in the low 60s today, and is still supposed to rain every single day for the next week.  I thought I left Pittsburgh where it seems to rain all the time?

In any case, we have been planning a trip out to the cabin for the last several days, but the rain and high winds has kept delaying our departure.  We do need to make it out there though, as the 5.3 magnitude earthquake last week was centered in Skwentna which is very near to the cabin.  Hopefully it hasn't fallen off of it's foundation or anything like that!

I wish I had something interesting to say about the earthquake, but apparently I'm less aware of my surroundings than I even realized!  It happened around 6am, and woke both Karl and Willow up.  This is  how it went:

Karl: Do you feel that?

Me: Feel what?

Karl: The earthquake.... There, it just stopped.

Me:  Um.  No?

I guess my head must spin on a daily basis so I don't notice when the ground is shaking beneath my feet. So my first 'major' earthquake went by quietly, although I would hazard a guess that we've already had a bunch more.

This is a graph of earthquakes in Alaska in the last week.
Apparently they just happen constantly and they're small enough that you don't even notice.  I'm content with that!

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