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Friday, August 5, 2011

Poor Puppy

I was clipping Willow's nails this morning, which she absolutely hates.  This usually involves putting her muzzle on and Karl pinning her to the bed.  We then hope that we can get 4 or 5 nails before she goes ballistic.  Either I was cutting too far up her nail or she squirmed at the wrong moment, because we ended up with a blood spurting nail.  Obviously, bleeding all over Karl's dad's house is probably not a good idea, so we improvised a bandage.  She looks cute, right??

She is in need of some good snuggling until her foot is better!


  1. poor willow. oh and you know they make a product to stop the bleeding for this very purpose. its called "quik stop" or something like that.

  2. Hi Sarah. I've never posted a comment before...I didn't know I should do that:) I like reading your blog just as much as Laura's! So for my prize now....HeHe
    Take care sweet heart, Love AC


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