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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Off Roading Fun

In an attempt to pick blueberries that were allegedly the size of grapes, Karl's dad took us out to Sutton (about an hour away) to head to a blueberry patch he'd seen in the past.  We loaded up the little white truck (which is a bizarre combination of truck and 4-wheeler), and headed to Kings River Trail.

I had decided to ride in the back with Karl, but I didn't realize that the trail was incredibly long, bumpy, and muddy.  We aren't talking little bumps either - I thanked Karl about a million times for strapping the seat into the bed.  Otherwise, we would have surely flown out the back.

About halfway in, we stopped at Ruby Lake for a quick break.  It was gorgeous, and great timing as it had just started to rain.  We waited it out under a tree before hopping back in and heading up.  A minute or two later, we came across two moose grazing in the forest.

They waited patiently as I took a few photos, and stared as we drove off.  This was the first time I actually got to stop and take a good look at a moose!

We travelled higher and higher up the mountain, and my inherited fear of heights kicked in a bit as we were near the edge of a VERY high drop off.  Beautiful view, but I kept my distance.

The trail got rougher and more boulder filled the higher we went.  The rain from the past several weeks made for some really tricky situations, and we ended up a bit off the trail!

Luckily this truck is so light, the three of us were able to lift the back end up and kind of throw it back on track.  We didn't make it too much further before we realized that the rocks were too big and we just weren't going to make it through with this vehicle.  Just one more time when I really wished we had some four wheelers!  I can just imagine throwing on some old clothes and flying through the mud puddles and up the trail!

We stopped and nibbled on some cranberries on the way back to make up for missing out on blueberries.  We had a yummy lunch of sandwiches and fruit salad back at Ruby Lake and headed home.  One last stop at the river by the road to give Luke a quick bath (he was coated in mud from head to toe), then on to the bar for Taco Tuesday!

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